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Our aim is to promote tourism in Italy, particularly in Sicily.

Our ambition is to increase the tourist facilities flow from European, Eastern, American countries (Countries and Nations in which we have different contacts) and from Italy itself. For this reason, we have selected those tourist facilities that deserve our attention.

We organise for our members tourist itineraries, events and shows, so we always look for other tourist facilities, shops, services and transports that want to be part of the Run Card circuit to expand their activity. The insertion is free of charge.

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Sicily Run was born with the purpose of promoting Sicily from both tourist and cultural point of view and offering to all members lots of discounts.

We address to all tourists and non tourists who intend to save money, maintaining high standards of quality when choosing means and facilities before starting a journey.

For this reason we always look for more benefits for our members.

We organise tourist itineraries on our members' request, helping them step by step on the preparation of their journey.


> Discounts on hotels, farm holidays, bed & breakfasts, camping grounds, ferryboats, car rentals, holiday villages, restaurants, pizza restaurants etc.;
> Always informed about events and last minute offers;
> Planned itineraries for all members.
> Exclusive Sicily Run events participation;

> By registering online member receives immediately the provisional card with which you can, for example, buy the ferry ticket discount.

Annual subscription amount:

You can become a supporting member for a calendar year by completing the form below and paying online using credit card, Postepay or bank transfer, the import of 15 €.

Otherwise, you can go to our Palermo Member Point:
MG - Via Leonardo da Vinci n. 468 - Palermo
Istituto Piccoli Passi located in Via Michele Titone n. 4.
You will decide there if you prefer to come back to take your Run Card or easily receive it at your home

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The undersigned asks and entitles Sicily Run to send all the information related to the Association activities and all the other messages that will be considered essential to the email address written above.
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The undersigned is aware that by submitting the entry form he/she will become a supporting member for a year. The undersigned commits himself/herself to act consistently with tourism philosophy, with the respect of the environment and the directions of the association. I declare that I have read the statute and I accept unconditionally all its articles. I declare that I have no criminal records or prosecutions pending against me. I also declare that I accept unconditionally and that I will conform to Sicily Run statute from now on.
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N.B. The data you provide are essential for your Sicily Run membership. Your information will be collected and used to notify you of our and our partners' (aggiungi nella parte in italiano) promotional activities and processed for organisation and statistical purposes. You can freely access your personal data in order to update, modify and/or integrate them by writing our Head Office.

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