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Our aim is to promote tourism in Italy, particularly in Sicily.

Our ambition is to increase the tourist facilities flow from European, Eastern, American countries (Countries and Nations in which we have different contacts) and from Italy itself. For this reason, we have selected those tourist facilities that deserve our attention.

We organise for our members tourist itineraries, events and shows, so we always look for other tourist facilities, shops, services and transports that want to be part of the Run Card circuit to expand their activity. The insertion is free of charge.

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From the beginning until nowadays.

After twenty years of experience on setting up and running some of the most representative plain air tourism
associations of Palermo, one of the founder shared with other members (with great cultural, organizing and
computer skills) the idea to contribute to the development of tourism particularly in Sicily and generally in Italy.
On the 31th of March 2012 Sicily Run was then constituted.
Our taxpayer's code number is 97274240825 given by Palermo Tax Credit Office on the 31th of March 2012.
The head office is on 56 via Ninfee, 90044 Carini - PA.


Sicily Run is a non-political and non-profit association. Our mission is to develop and
promote tourism in Italy and particularly in Sicily as a means for the cultural and moral
education of the members, referring particularly to the millenarian knowledge of territory.
We also: organise for our members tourist and cultural routes, including food and wine itineraries and put into
practise every other initiative to follow its purpose;
take part and/or promote , for our members events and meetings in order to develop the culture of tourism,
including food and wine itineraries;
promote the affiliation and the collaboration with national and international facilities related
to tourism
provide , promote and realise together with local and/or regional institutions, the extension
and the settlement of tourist facilities, holiday farms, B&Bs, camping sites, equipped parking areas
for mobile homes and/or caravans using rented or granted lands including State demesne;
provide our members with information about hotels, farm holidays, B&Bs, camping grounds, holiday
villages, tourist facilities, amusement and aqua parks, museums, galleries, cinemas and theatres
by also tailoring tourism and cultural journeys;
Stipulate conventions with consumer associations, tourism magazines, recreation vehicles retailers and
camping equipments, garages, car body shops, insurance companies and anything related to our members
needs; work in favour of public awareness regarding environmental and territorial issues; Give assistance and tourist information by opening and/or running facilities, offices and/or call centres.

The statutory organs:

Partners' meeting, the president, the vice-president, promoter partners' council, the executive committee.

The member receives:

The current membership card Run Card;