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Our aim is to promote tourism in Italy, particularly in Sicily.

Our ambition is to increase the tourist facilities flow from European, Eastern, American countries (Countries and Nations in which we have different contacts) and from Italy itself. For this reason, we have selected those tourist facilities that deserve our attention.

We organise for our members tourist itineraries, events and shows, so we always look for other tourist facilities, shops, services and transports that want to be part of the Run Card circuit to expand their activity. The insertion is free of charge.

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Sicily Run

Association for the promotion of tourism

Registered Office: via Ninfee 56 - 90044 Carini - PA

Telephone +39 3473315765
FAX: 0039 +39 0918693997


MG - Via Leonardo da Vinci n. 468 - Palermo - tel. 3454495029

Istituto Piccoli Passi - Via Michele Titone n. 4 - Palermo

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