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Dal: 29-09-2023

With the Sicily Run at the Jolly theater in Palermo “ Doccia Fredda “ is staged with Gianni Nanfa, Mary Cipolla, Paolo La Bruna and Mattia Macaluso
From 29 September to 8 October
Friday and Saturday at 21.15
Sunday 17.30
Cost of the ticket: for the Amisoci of the SICILY RUN euro 9 instead of euro 18 Info and reservations at 3473315765

Dal: 21-10-2023

Weekend 21st and 22nd October with Sicily Run at the Terme Acqua Pia.
The Sicily Run organizes a weekend at the Terme Acqua Pia di Montevago (hot water location) to spend two days in the magnificent spa structure in total relaxation.
For those who participate and reach the spa facility by car, it is possible to book a stay in the spa accommodations taking advantage of the discount reserved for our members (presentation of a valid card).
The following menus at political prices have been agreed with the restaurant-pizzeria for those who wish:
- Dinner: French fries on a plate, a pizza of your choice (between Sicilian, margherita, 4 flavours, bomb), water and Coca-Cola at the price of 13 euros per person.
- Sunday lunch: rustic appetizer (caponata, panelle, cheeses, olives, artichokes, dried tomatoes, omelettes and pitta), grilled meat (sausage, capocollo, bacon and onion(, baked potatoes, cassatella, water and wine at the price of 22 euros per person.
It is mandatory to communicate the participation to 3334755937 both with a camper and staying in a residence and any participation in the optional dinner and/or lunch which must take place no later than October 19th.
We remind you that the agreement for members and friends of Sicily Run provides:
- 15% discount on the current price list on entrance prices to the spa facility;
- 15% discount on the current price list on rooms, suites, studios, mini apartments (no discount on rates and/or packages on promotion);
- 12% discount on the price list of spa treatments and related services (excluding health tickets);
- 12% discount on the current price list in the Camper Area (camping tents are not allowed).
There is no participation fee for participation in this trip.
Members and friends must book the rooms and any additional services directly at the following Terme Acqua Pia numbers 092539026 – 3356287244.
Car parking in the car park in front of the spa is free. Property prices:
Double rooms "inside the structure" €180 including breakfast and entrance to the swimming pool and waterfalls (extra adult bed €50, child €30); Double rooms "external to the structure" €140 including breakfast and entrance to the swimming pool and waterfalls (extra adult bed €50, child €30);
Camper/caravan euro 20, person euro 15, child from 5 to 10 years euro 6, electricity euro 4.
Rates are to be discounted by 15% as per the agreement.
Sicily Run
GPS coordinates:
+37° 42' 3.01", +12° 56' 17.81"
To reach the spa we recommend the following routes:
• Palermo-Mazara del Vallo motorway, Santa Ninfa exit, then state road n. 188/a, Salemi-Partanna;
• Palermo-Sciacca highway, Santa Margherita di Belice-Montevago exit;
• Sciacca-Castelvetrano highway, Montevago exit

Dal: 27-10-2023

With Sicily Run at the Jolly Theater in Palermo for the Cabaret of:
G. Nanfa, E. M. Ponte, M. Cipolla, S. Piparo, C. Cucco, T. Martilotti, I. Corcione, M. Bono, R. Terranova

From 27 October to 12 November 2023
Fri. Sat. 9.15pm – Sun. 5.15pm
“Ammuccia St'Astuccio”
G. Nanfa / E.M. Ponte / T. Martillotti / C.
14 euros instead of 20

From 1 to 3 December 2023
Fri. Sat. 9.15pm – Sun. 5.15pm
“And not to me!”
M. Bono, R. Terranova
12 euros instead of 18

From 9 to 11 February 2024
Fri. Sat. 9.15pm – Sun. 5.15pm
S. Piparo
12 euros instead of 18

From 22 to 24 March 2024
Fri. Sat. 9.15pm – Sun. 5.15pm
“Ancient crafts”
S. Piparo
12 euros instead of 18

From 24 May to 2 June 2024
Fri. Sat. 9.15pm – Sun. 5.15pm
“But what is this crisis?”
G. Nanfa / M. Cipolla / I. Corcione
12 euros instead of 18

For information and reservations call 3473315765 while places last.
Individual contribution for Sicily Run members €. 57 for all five shows

Dal: 01-10-2023    Al: 01-10-2023

Sunday MUSEUMS FREE FOR ALL #Domenica al Museo, All the museums and archaeological sites can be visited for free. The initiative ministerial #DomenicalMuseo, provides for free to all museums and archeological sites on the first Sunday of the month. And 'the application of the rule of decree Franceschini, in force since 1 July 2014, which states that every first Sunday of the month you do not pay the ticket to visit the monuments, museums, galleries, archaeological digs, parks and monumental gardens. »Franceschini," appeal "to the private museums "Every first Sunday of the month is a day of celebration, the participating museums grow, I hope you will join also private museums, to make this initiative truly a tremendous opportunity to link between museums and their territory". The Minister Franceschini has appealed to individuals to join the initiative to free admission on the first Sunday of each month, commenting on the success of Easter. (Source: ANSA) Click on the event title to view a detailed list of Museums open

Dal: 15-10-2023    Al: 15-10-2023

Monthly Market Exhibition held in San Mariano di Corciano every 3rd Sunday of each month.
You'll find clothing Man / Woman / Child, lingerie, shoes, leather goods, housewares, linens, crafts, hobby, gifts, plants and flowers, local produce.
Via expect with so many new benches and attractive opportunities.
Info: 340.93.08.710 -