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Dal: 13-12-2019

With Sicily Run at the Cabaret by Gianni Nanfa, M. di Liberto, Ernesto Maria Ponte, R. Spicuzza, C. Cucco, T. Martilotti, R. Lacca, M. Cipolla, I. Corcione and Giuseppe Giambrone.
The wild theater in via Domenico Costantino Palermo offers us unmissable shows:

Friday, December 13 or Friday, December 20, 2019
Hours 21.15
â € ś Climb up the spectraâ €
E. M. Bridge / R. Spicuzza / C. Cucco / T. Martilotti

Friday 28 February 2020
Hours 21.15
â € śTime Timeâ €
G. Nanfa / P.Benassai / S. Blandeburgo / R. Leone br br Friday 8 May 2020
at 9.15 pm
â € śI have understood nothingâ €
G. Nanfa / M. Onion / I. Corcione

Contribution for a single show 9 members (instead of 18 euros) up to 5 tickets
For information and reservations, subject to availability, call Sicily Run at 3476900490

Dal: 13-12-2019

With Sicily Run at the Jolly Theater to attend the Brilliant Comedy of E. M. Ponte entitled
  "Climb on the spectra" - Friday 13 December or Friday 20 December 2019 at 21.15 - with E.M. Bridge / R. Spicuzza / C. Cucco / T. Martilotti

Contribution for the Sicily Run amisoci euros 9

For info and reservations contact 3476900490

Dal: 31-12-2019

NEW YEAR with SICILY RUN (with the intervention of Matranga and MinafĂł day 1/1/2020) and around Cribs and Companies producing Beer and Cheese.

Sicily Run organizes the New Year in the splendid setting of the Torre Artale Resort and to follow a tour around the camper van for Cribs and a visit to companies producing craft beer and cheese.
  The program in detail will be sent exclusively to the
The Torre Artale Resort package includes: Grand Dinner and New Year's Eve dinner, breakfast and New Year's Eve lunch for both campers and those staying in the Resort's rooms.
For Motorhome Members:
The contribution for the only Grand Dinner and New Year's Eve party is 80 euros per person (adults), 40 euros for children from 4 to 12 years.
The contribution for the lunch only on 01/01/20 is 35 euros per person (adults), 20 euros for children from 4 to 12 years.
The contribution for breakfast on 01/01/2020 is € 5 per person

The contribution that includes: the Grand Dinner and New Year's Eve dinner, breakfast and lunch on 01/01/2020 is € 110 (instead of € 120) for adults, € 60 for children aged 4 to 13 years (instead of 65 euros).
For Members in the room:
The contribution that includes: the Grand Dinner and New Year's Eve, accommodation, breakfast and lunch on 01/01/2020 is 180 euros (instead of 200 euros) per person.

For the touring tour by camper for Cribs and visit of Craft Beer and Cheese Producing Companies there is no participation fee but it will be necessary to pay any entrance fees, guides or anything else not provided.
For information and reservations you will need to contact 3476900490 (in the next few days we will communicate the menus)
Attention: Given that the places available are limited, further bookings will not be accepted once the maximum number of participants has been reached, and in any case no later than December 20th p.v ..

MENU dinner on 12/31/2019
New Year's Coktail with Chef's appetizer, I Sapori di Mare, Octopus Carpaccio with pink pepper, Orange marinated Swordfish on black bread wafer, Pink Shrimp with Coconut and Mango, Calamari, Waldorf Salad
Pearls of champagne rice with crab meat and raspberries Rectangles filled with Grouper with Dorfino sauce with Saffron
Scoglino di Branzino and Scottish Salmon on bisquì of Crustaceans
Potato Pie with Pumpkin Hearts
Green apple sorbet
Pork fillet rosette with muscat reduction and soft fruit
Field vegetables with raisins and pine nuts
Cherry Mousse
Lentils, Panettone
White grapes, biscuits and Sicilian passito
Water, wine, prosecco, soft drinks, coffee and bitters.
The lunch menu will be announced in the coming days

Dal: 15-12-2019    Al: 15-12-2019

Monthly Market Exhibition held in San Mariano di Corciano every 3rd Sunday of each month.
You'll find clothing Man / Woman / Child, lingerie, shoes, leather goods, housewares, linens, crafts, hobby, gifts, plants and flowers, local produce.
Via expect with so many new benches and attractive opportunities.
Info: 340.93.08.710 -

Dal: 05-01-2020    Al: 05-01-2020

Sunday MUSEUMS FREE FOR ALL #Domenica al Museo, All the museums and archaeological sites can be visited for free. The initiative ministerial #DomenicalMuseo, provides for free to all museums and archeological sites on the first Sunday of the month. And 'the application of the rule of decree Franceschini, in force since 1 July 2014, which states that every first Sunday of the month you do not pay the ticket to visit the monuments, museums, galleries, archaeological digs, parks and monumental gardens. »Franceschini," appeal "to the private museums "Every first Sunday of the month is a day of celebration, the participating museums grow, I hope you will join also private museums, to make this initiative truly a tremendous opportunity to link between museums and their territory". The Minister Franceschini has appealed to individuals to join the initiative to free admission on the first Sunday of each month, commenting on the success of Easter. (Source: ANSA) Click on the event title to view a detailed list of Museums open

Dal: 20-07-2019    Al: 26-01-2020

LUX VERA. Liturgical Ori and Argenti in Geraci and Castelbuono in the XIV - XVIII centuries
edited by Angela Sottile and Don Francesco Sapuppo
Opening July 20, 2019 at 6.00 pm Section of Sacred Art, Museo Civico Castelbuono (PA)
The Civic Museum of Castelbuono is pleased to present the exhibition "LUX VERA - Liturgical gold and silver in Geraci and Castelbuono in the 14th - 18th centuries" by Angela Sottile and Francesco Sapuppo (20 July 2019 - 26 January 2020), produced in collaboration with the Ecclesiastical Museum Santa Maria Maggiore of Geraci Siculo and the Parish of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary of Castelbuono. The inaugurated exhibition, during the Sant’Anna festival, patron saint of Castelbuono, is part of the cultural program that the Civic Museum dedicates to religious celebrations on 25th, 26th and 27th July.
Thus the curator Angela Sottile writes about the exhibition: “The Madonie territory is characterized by wonderful naturalistic beauties and by the charm of its inhabited centers, located between the mountains and the sea and permeated with history and tradition. The artistic heritage preserved in the churches, palaces and streets of these centers is immense and precious and is evidence of a long and indivisible history that has forged men and traditions, works and knowledge. In 1937 the art historian Maria Accascina organized the first exhibition of Arte Sacra delle Madonie, comparing works of art and "decorative" art objects for the first time as the only expression of a creative vitality that she found in the Madonie. broad statement. Certainly a great impulse to artistic production in the Madonie area is linked to the presence of a rich and avant-garde clientele, first of all that of the Ventimiglias, counts and then marquises of Geraci and princes of Castelbuono, one of the most influential families of medieval and Renaissance Sicily. . Settled in Geraci in the 13th century, the Ventimiglias moved the court to Castelbuono in 1454, in the castle of the same name that today houses the Civic Museum. The history of these two centers, Castelbuono and Geraci, both geographically and historically lived, allows us to imagine a joint path completed through the collaboration between the main Castelbuonian Museum Institution and the Santa Maria Maggiore Ecclesiastical Museum of Geraci Siculo, in the construction objective of a moment of study on the common history of the two inhabited centers, delineated through the rich production of liturgical furnishings, of which great testimony is found inside the two Museums. Two collections, that of Castelbuono and Geraci that for the first time meet and intertwine in a joint path enriched by the precious furnishings of the Matrice Nuova of Castelbuono. Golds, silvers, decorative works of art that are precious and delightful images of a living and tangible faith and of a refined art lent to devotion in which light is materialized essence, material manifestation of the divine, the intangible place of the Absolute. "Lux Vera" is Christ in the prologue of the Gospel of John, the True Light, "that which enlightens everyone". Precisely light is the guiding element of this exhibition project, reflected by the metallic surfaces of ostensories, reliquaries and chalices and reverberated as a living, incorruptible soul that flows between the embossed and chiseled forms, in a rich and varied artistic heritage that covers a a very large temporal arc from the beautiful 14th-century monstrance / reliquary of Piro di Martino from Pisa to the elaborate reliquaries and monstrances of the 18th century. Light, symbol, devotion, history, narration will be the key words, with particular attention to the past and in use liturgical characters and to the link with the ritual aspects of the city devotion as for the two clubs, the communal one preserved in the Civic Museum of Castelbuono and the chapter house preserved in the Ecclesiastical Museum of Geraci ".
The rich collection of Sacred Art of the Civic Museum, kept on the premises of the second floor of the Castle of the Ventimiglias, and coming from the liturgical patrimony of the adjoining Palatine Chapel dedicated to Sant'Anna, will host the goods coming from Geraci and those of the New Madrice di Castelbuono in a joint path developed within the display cases of the permanent exhibition and guided by textual, graphic and multimedia insights. Finally, the exhibition itinerary is completed by a thematic focus on the Ventimiglian chapels of Sant'Anna that hosted the precious relic of the Sacred Skull throughout history: the first chapel, or the small church of Sant'Anna, built within the castle walls of Geraci, the second, corresponding to the square section environment of the second floor of the Ventimiglia di Castelbuono castle, and the third and final one, namely the late seventeenth-century chapel decorated with the stuccoes of the Serpotta on a pure gold background, located in thesecond floor of the same castle.
  The Civic Museum offers the citizens of Castelbuono and Geraci the discounted admission ticket at Euro 2.00 for the entire exhibition period of the exhibition. The exhibition project was created thanks to the contribution of IRFIS-FinSicilia S.p.A.
  Technical and scientific committee
Orazio Cancila, historian, professor emeritus University of Palermo
Maria Concetta Di Natale, art historian, University of Palermo
Roberta Civiletto, restorer and fabric historian, Superintendency BB.CC.AA. Palermo
Michele (Enzo) Sottile, restorer and designer of the museum exhibition, Poliarte Castelbuono Restoration Center
Don Matteo Castiglione, President of the Diocesan Council BB.CC.EE. Cefalu Don Francesco Sapuppo, Director of Ecclesiastical Museum Santa Maria Maggiore, Geraci Siculo
Don Francesco Casamento, Archpriest, Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary, Castelbuono
Laura Barreca, Director of the Civic Museum Castelbuono
Angela Sottile, restorer and art historian, Castelbuono
  The Civic Museum would like to thank the Diocese of Cefalù for the loan of the works, the Superintendency for Cultural and Environmental Heritage of Palermo, the architect Lina Bellanca and Francesco Fecarotta.
The Civic Museum also thanks its partners for supporting cultural activities: Fiasconaro Company, Fecarotta AntichitĂ , The Sphere Hotel, Palermo, Villa Catalfamo, CefalĂą, Madonie Paradise Hotel

  SUMMER HOURS (effective from 1 April to 30 September)
Monday to Sunday: 09.30 - 13.00 / 15.00 - 18.30
Ticket: full € 5.00; reduced € 3.00 (adults over 65 and boys from 8 to 18, schools and groups over 12 people, Touring club members, other conventions); reduced € 2.00 residents and born in Castelbuono, other conventions; free for children up to 7 years of age, handicapped persons with a guide, professors and tour guides accompanying groups, students of the Faculties of Art and Architecture, ICOM members, accredited journalists.
Address: Castelbuono Civic Museum, P.zza Castello - Castelbuono (PA), Italy
Tel. 0921-671211 - -

Dal: 06-07-2019    Al: 06-07-2021

Ficuzzaun time capital of the real hunting reserves of the Bourbons
Saturday 6 July 2019 9.30 am
Royal Palace

Giuseppe Oddo
President BCsicilia Headquarters of Corleone Edy Bandiera
Regional Agriculture Department
Rural development and Mediterranean fisheries
Nicolò Nicolosi
Mayor of Corleone
Walter RĂ 
Municipal Councilor for Culture
Salvatore Raimondi
President Rotary Club Corleone
Angelo Labbruzzo
President of the Pro loco Corleone
Alfonso Lo Cascio
Regional President BCsicilia
Paolo Valentini
Agronomist and scholar
of the Sicilian agricultural landscape
The system of parks and reserves
and the pioneering environmental policy
in Bourbon Sicily
Giovanni Giardina
The naturalistic aspects
of the Ficuzza Nature Reserve
Domenico Cavarretta
former Director of the Special Mountain Office
Ficuzza between art, history and nature. Idea-project
inclusion of UNESCO heritage
For information: Email
Mobile 338.6551454