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Dal: 25-10-2019

Fun and hilarious cabaret show with Giovanni Nanfa, Giuseppe Giambrone, Roberta Lacca and Manfredi Di Liberto entitled
"And where is the news"
at the Jolly Theater in via D. Costantino n. 54 in Palermo 10/25/2019 at 9.15 pm

The price of the admission ticket for Sicily Run members and members is € 9.00 for the first five tickets and € 10 for the additional tickets (net of Sicily Run contribution) instead of € 18.00.
< br> For reservations and information contact 3476900490 until all available seats are available

Dal: 25-10-2019

Con Sicily Run al Cabaret di Gianni Nanfa, M. di Liberto, Ernesto Maria Ponte, R. Spicuzza, C. Cucco, T. Martilotti, R Lacca, M. Cipolla, I. Corcione e Giuseppe Giambrone.
Il Teatro jolly di via Domenico Costantino Palermo ci propone 4 imperdibili spettacoli:
Venerdì 25 ottobre 2019
ore 21,15
“E dovè la novità?”
G. Nanfa/R. Lacca/G. Giambrone/M. Di Liberto

Venerdì 13 dicembre o Venerdì 20 dicembre 2019
Ore 21,15
“Arrampicati sugli spettri”
E.M. Ponte/R. Spicuzza/C. Cucco/ T. Martilotti

Venerdì 28 febbraio 2020
Ore 21,15
“Tempo al Tempo”
G. Nanfa/P.Benassai/ S. Blandeburgo/R. Leone

Venerdì 8 maggio 2020
ore 21,15
“Non ci ho capito niente”
G. Nanfa/M. Cipolla/I. Corcione

Contributo per singolo spettacolo soci 9 (anziché 18 euro) euro fino a 5 biglietti
Abbonamento a 4 spettacoli - Soci 32 euro

Per informazioni e prenotazioni fino ad esaurimento posti chiamare la Sicily Run al 3476900490

Dal: 20-10-2019

20 October 2019
Sicily Run organizes a coach to participate in the FICODINDIA Opuntia Ficus in Roccapalumba
  The departure is scheduled at 8.00 from Piazzale Giotto (return to Palermo in the late afternoon).

Arrival in Roccapalumba at about 9.30 am to participate freely in the Sagra del Ficodindia - Wine and food event of the Excellence of the Madonie and Sicily with tastings, music, shows, street artists, exhibitions, conferences, excursions, guided tours and much more.
Departure for Palermo at 5.30 pm (arrival at about 7.00 pm). Contribution for the sole passage of Gran Turismo coaches is € 9 per person

  The contribution DOES NOT INCLUDE: Insurance; Mance; Extra Personal Character; Meals
  The departure is guaranteed to reach the minimum number of 30 participants

    For information and reservations call 3476900490 subject to availability.

Dal: 27-10-2019

Palermo Mystery.
Magic mystery and esotericism
On: 27-10-2019 at 20.45

Magic, mystery and esotericism between ancient rituals and popular memories
Ancient rituals, enchanting formulas and magical meanings - symbolic, handed down from generation to generation, which originate from a very distant past. A narrated, historical - anthropological walk, which traces the magical - religious forms of Sicilian popular culture, full of suggestions, and often, suspended between history and fantasy. Among stories, anecdotes, characters and "magic" rituals, it will be the voice of the magaras themselves and sorceresses, helped by the numerous restless and occult presences, to come back to life to discover the ancient popular memories.

RALLY: 8.45 pm in front of Villa Bonanno entrance - Via Vittorio Emanuele 463, 90134 Palermo PA

€ 4.00 members of Sicily Run
€ 5.00 Non-members of Sicily Run
************************** MANDATORY BOOKING: 3476900490 subject to availability   Invia commenti Cronologia Salvate Community

Dal: 20-10-2019    Al: 20-10-2019

Monthly Market Exhibition held in San Mariano di Corciano every 3rd Sunday of each month.
You'll find clothing Man / Woman / Child, lingerie, shoes, leather goods, housewares, linens, crafts, hobby, gifts, plants and flowers, local produce.
Via expect with so many new benches and attractive opportunities.
Info: 340.93.08.710 -

Dal: 03-11-2019    Al: 03-11-2019

Sunday MUSEUMS FREE FOR ALL #Domenica al Museo, All the museums and archaeological sites can be visited for free. The initiative ministerial #DomenicalMuseo, provides for free to all museums and archeological sites on the first Sunday of the month. And 'the application of the rule of decree Franceschini, in force since 1 July 2014, which states that every first Sunday of the month you do not pay the ticket to visit the monuments, museums, galleries, archaeological digs, parks and monumental gardens. »Franceschini," appeal "to the private museums "Every first Sunday of the month is a day of celebration, the participating museums grow, I hope you will join also private museums, to make this initiative truly a tremendous opportunity to link between museums and their territory". The Minister Franceschini has appealed to individuals to join the initiative to free admission on the first Sunday of each month, commenting on the success of Easter. (Source: ANSA) Click on the event title to view a detailed list of Museums open

Dal: 27-04-2019    Al: 03-11-2019

The Verein Düsseldorf Palermo e.V. is pleased to invite you to our next event / Der Verein Düsseldorf Palermo e.V. freut sich, euch zu unserer nächsten Veranstaltung einzuladen
Engramma - San Giorgio
Clemens Botho Goldbach ~ Daniele Franzella
Opening 27 April 2019, h 12
Archaeological area of ​​Piazza XIII Vittime, Palermo
Engramma - San Giorgio is a project by the Verein Düsseldorf Palermo e. V. in collaboration with the Sicily Region, Superintendency of the BB. CC. AA, with the patronage of the Municipality of Palermo and the Academy of Fine Arts of Palermo
The archaeological area of ​​Piazza XIII Vittime is a restless witness to the history of Palermo. The area was initially occupied by a first Byzantine necropolis and then Islamic, later it became part of the Harat ‘as Saqalibah district, first for number of inhabitants in the last Arab period of the city. In the Norman age the city walls and the fortress of the Castello a Mare were built, which soon became one of the bulwarks of the city since the Vespers' war between the Angevins and the Aragonese at the end of the 13th century. The area has always been exposed to internal and external tensions dictated by the different political and social transformations of the history of Palermo. In the 15th century, a large bastion was built near the Porta San Giorgio and in the Castello a Mare, a political and military center of great importance, the first seat of the Court of the Inquisition of Palermo was established. At the end of the nineteenth century the obelisk dedicated to the "XIII Victims" of the revolt of the Gancia was erected, moved a few years ago close to the area to make way for the installation of the "Monument to the Fallen in the Fight against the Mafia" at the center of square. Recent history brings us back to the terrible bombings of the Second World War and to the state of subsequent abandonment, up to the archaeological excavations of the 1980s that contributed to making the area free from new constructions. Piazza XIII Victims spans 14 centuries of the city's history, tells us about the people who inhabited it, who governed it and how it has changed over time. An echo of this whirlwind of events, of the voices of the ancient quarter, of its buildings and constructions, remains in the area; what seemed to have disappeared and forgotten comes back to light thanks to archeology. The Engramma - San Giorgio project seeks to capture this echo through the installation of two monuments, created by Clemens Botho Goldbach and Daniele Franzella, which, holding out the story, make fragments re-emerge in mutated forms. The works interpret the ruins of collective memory and the void left by the history that the archaeological area has incorporated. In Engramma - San Giorgio Franzella presents a sculpture that will be placed in the direction of the church of San Giorgio. It is a case that reveals just the shape of a statue and condenses the complex historical passages of the area. A statue of difficult decipherment, because it is a symbol of the various eras and of the various peoples who are the protagonists of Piazza XIII Vittime. Franzella's work interprets the atmosphere of the archaeological area trying to embrace and preserve the different fragments of the history of the city of Palermo, of which the area is a witness. Goldbach is dedicated to the ruins of extinct places. In his production the German artist tries to recreate and reconstruct, through the use of building material, buildings and structures of which there is only an ephemeral memory both in open spaces and in exhibition spaces. For the project Engramma - San Giorgio Goldbach realizes the printed door on the 100 euro banknotes. The image, by the Austrian artist Robert Kalina, is fictitious, summa of baroque elements taken from different monuments. Goldbach presents it as a ruin, a ruin-born door, an ephemeral monument, never existed, placed on the ruins of the walls near the site of the ancient San Giorgio gate. Engram - Saint George tries to recover lost symbols of the city, to tear them from their invisible dimension by reactivating the memory of the city itself.
Duration of the exhibition / Ausstellungsdauer> 27.4 - 3.11.2019
Verein Düsseldorf Palermo e.V.
Sittarder Strasse 5 | 40477 Düsseldorf
Haus der Kunst | Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa | via Paolo Gili 4 | 90134 Palermo

Dal: 30-06-2019    Al: 03-11-2019

From June 30th to November 3rd MÙFARA FEST
Music Events Nature at Piano Battaglia
in the natural amphitheater "Massino Accascina"
Battle Plan - Fraction of Petralia Sottana
by Piano Battaglia srl
Click on the event title to view the program in detail.

Dal: 12-10-2019    Al: 04-11-2019

Spring-summer trips with our friends from Camper and Giramondo

for members of Sicily Run discount on the registration fee
Confirmed trips

Australia 12 October-4 November 2019 last places plane + motorhome for rent
A new edition of this tried and tested itinerary through a country with very different aspects: boundless deserts together with tropical forests, lively and modern cities along with mining villages, splendid beaches and coral reefs.

Giuseppe Bacci (Camper and Giramondo)
e-mail 389-0039853 fax: 06-62204239
For the administration but also for information in the periods in which we are around the world, you can contact Michele and Elena: The Tropic of Camper - Via di Corticella, 218 / 10c - 40128 Bologna (BO) Tel. 051-4127573

Dal: 09-11-2019    Al: 10-11-2019

The Ancient Fair Committee of Santa Lucia di Piave, after careful historical research in the statute of the Municipality of Treviso of the 14th century, proposes the evocation of the fourteenth-century fair. The medieval fair, which remains tied to the first trades on the Hungarian road and to the obliged ford of Lovadina, in the commercial traffic between Venice and Flanders, is activated with a market-exhibition of typical goods of the time: fine fabrics, hemp and wool of Flanders , horses and donkeys. With the ancient Venetian money, changed by the money changers, you can also taste the typical local products of "casari", "luganegheri", "vinari", cheered by jesters, musicians and acrobats.
Many innovations dedicated to camper friends for the historical re-enactment "ANTICA FIERA DI SANTA LUCIA 2019".
Here is the program:
From the afternoon of Friday 8 November, reception of campers at the fenced, illuminated Fiera car park with toilets adjacent to the event. (via Mareno n.1 Santa Lucia di Piave TV). At 8.30 pm in the former mills 50m from the parking lot dedicated to campers entitled "Miles Christi" with SIO orchestra with over 100 young talents. (free admission not to be missed).
 Saturday 9 November from 8.30 am to 12 noon and from 1.30 pm to 3.00 pm, departure by shuttle bus for the guided tour of the historical sites of the territory and visit with tasting to a prosecco-specialized cellar, until the completion of the seats on the bus. At 9.30 am, opening of the medieval market, renovated and expanded with continuous performances of musicians, jesters, falconers, fights of arms, archers, etc.
Opening of exhibitions: "The art of the Paper" workshop and exhibition of medieval paper-makers, from the written word to the printed one "printers' workshop, the invention of printing with movable type," Scorci of medieval life "medieval painting by the painters group di Santa lucia, elaborate exhibition of the 15th European competition "Writing the Middle Ages", laboratory of the medieval glassmaker, shows costumes from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, exhibitions: medieval writing, woodcut, constructions of Celtic harps etc. etc.
 10.30 am prize giving 15th European competition "Writing the Middle Ages", (all with free admission).
At 18.00 fire show "The Knights of the Apocalypse".
At 6.30 pm our cooks will cut the pork (takeaway) cooked to the medieval and dedicated exclusively to campers (at a modest price and by appointment at the tavern "le toreselle", in the medieval market.). At 8.30 pm great concert "Knights of sound" AIR orchestra, choir, classical dance, unique scenography.
 (free admission, not to be missed).

Sunday 10 November at 9.30 am, opening of the medieval market and various exhibitions, continuous shows, 1.45 pm Historical parade of over 400 participants in fourteenth-century costumes.
6.30 pm magnificent spectacular show "The Knights of the Apocalypse" with medieval music.
During the event a well-stocked medieval tavern "le Torreselle" will work.
For purchases within the medieval market, the coins specially minted by the baptismal coin will be used and changed from the currency exchange.
At the Conegliano exit of the A 27 motorway you will be followed by civil protection on the canal15, it is vitally important for us to have reservations in order to better organize your stay in S. Lucia di Piave (TV).
The cost of the entire camper project is only 15 euros per crew for partial expense reimbursement.

Throughout the weekend the Alpine troops will offer a menu with local flavors in their home with free shuttle bus transportation for campers. Tel. 3494650984
Reception manager: Mr Flaviano, telephone number 3296043771