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In the historic center of the city of ceramics, in Via Roma 40, the Permanent Didactic Museum of the Vincenzo Forgia collection is born.
Inside, visitors can admire, in the three rooms specially prepared, a part of the vast and important private collection of the master Vincenzo Forgia: in the first room are exposed several whistles of Caltagirone production ranging from the second half of the nineteenth to the twentieth century, with works by Salvatore Leone, Salvatore Graziano, Vincenzo Forgia and various authors; in the second room are exposed instead of the beautiful tiles, widely used to make fruit and flower gels, creams and mustards, depicting different types of subjects (religious, characters, ornamental motifs, coats of arms and symbols, landscapes, vegetables and fruit, animals , faces and masks, written and various subjects) ranging from the late eighteenth century until the first half of the twentieth century, also with production of other ceramic centers, a contemporary production and curiosities as from the subject to the tile and vice versa. Finally, in the other room it is possible to admire a scenographic "nativity scene of the humble", with a notable exhibition of subjects from the era of various authors and other production centers, in a period between the second half of the 19th and the first half of the 20th century.
The Permanent Didactic Museum of the Vincenzo Forgia collection contains only a small part of a much more ambitious project which is the creation of a museum center with the aim of enhancing art, history and traditions, and which should include the workshops of the four main figures in the production of ceramics from Caltagirone, dating back to the 18th - 19th and 20th centuries: stazzunaru (building material), quartararu (hairpin), moldmaker - printer and enameller - decorator. An exhibition of all the objects of use, from the 18th to the 20th century; the Casa Museo with furnishings and furnishings from the second half of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, displaying all the ceramic furnishing and functional objects, placed each in its own place, and the entire collection of more than 1000 pieces of panels with the respective matrices and a part destined for the exposition / sale of the faithful copies of all the ceramic objects exhibited.
On reservation it is possible, in addition to visiting the Museo Didattico Permanente of the Vincenzo Forgia collection, to attend particular demonstrations of workmanship with accurate explanations.
For info:
Cell 368227341

S.G. GOMME S.r.l. - Palermo (PA) Via Umberto Giordano n. 47 - Via Ugo La Malfa n. 28
Centers S.G. Tires in Palermo:
- Via Umberto Giordano n. 47;
- Via Ugo La Malfa n. 28 (also revision center).
- Revision of cars, motorbikes and campers (only Ugo La Malfa 28 in Palermo) euro 55;
- 30% discount on purchases of Michelin and / or Kleber tires;
- 50% discount on balancing and / or convergence and / or tire repair.


CLASSIC OROLOGY - Palermo (PA) Via Gaspare Palermo n. 63 - Via XX Settembre n. 47
Shops in Palermo:
- Via Gaspare Palermo n. 63;
- Via XX Settembre n. 47.
- 20% discount on watch repair;
- 20% discount on the sale of all the brands being handled (the discount will not be applied to discounted or promotional products);
- Replacement of the battery in Euro 4 watches (if four clocks are replaced at the same time, the fourth is complimentary).


The Brass Group Foundation - new season 2017-2018 - Palermo - c / o Real Santa Cecilia Theater - Piazza Santa Cecilia n. 5 - 90133 Palermo
- Apply CRAL rates for subscriptions and individual events.

CLIMA NEW - Palermo (PA)
Course of the Thousand No. 500 - 10% discount on purchase of air conditioning A band;
- 10% discount on installation of our products sold;
- 20% discount on new radiant floor heating and traditional heating systems;
- 10% discount on gas wall boilers.

  Sosta camper Saliceto Area - Saliceto di Gioiosa Marea (ME)
State Road 113 - Contrada Saliceto - 10% discount on the online public price list for the month of August.

We apologize to all members but incorrectly reported incorrect information on the convention defined with Camping La Pineta of San Vito Lo Capo regarding the following message of the last paragraph of the text of the same Convention that we report correctly:
- each cardholder will be issued a valid card for 2017, which will allow you to enjoy the 5th night of a discount equal to the average of 5 overnight stays calculated on the base price of 2 people, campers and electricity supply.

It is reported that the Civic Museum - Ventimiglia Municipal Castle will be closed to the public from 16.00 to 19.30 on Monday, 10 July 2017 for a planned intervention of disinfestation and derating, as well as by the Ordinance Trade Union No. 84 of July 4, 2017 .
  The Civic Museum of Castelbuono thanks the Grand Hotel delle Palme in Palermo, The Hotel Sphere in Palermo; The Hotel Paradiso delle Madonie in Castelbuono; The B & B Donjon di Castelbuono; The Il Giardino di Venere di Castelbuono restaurant; The Villa Catalfamo Farm in Cefalù; The Palazzaccio restaurant in Castelbuono; The Farmhouse Mongerrate of Isnello. Finally, thanks to Francesco Galvagno and Elenk'Art for supporting the promotion of the cultural activities of the Civic Museum and for the commitment to the diffusion of contemporary art.
INFORMATION: br WINTER TIME (from 1 September to 21 June)
Monday to Friday: 09.30 - 13.00 / 15.30 - 19.00
Saturday and Sunday: 10.00 - 13.30 / 15.30 - 19.00
  SUMMER TIME: (from 22 June to 31 August)
Monday to Friday: 09.30 - 13.00 / 16.30 - 20.00
Saturday and Sunday: 10.00 - 13.30 / 16.30 - 20.00
  The staff of the Civic Museum, accompanied by the Pro Loco of Castelbuono for the summer period, guarantees the opening of the Museum every day of the week, with guided tours of the collection and temporary exhibitions at 11 am and 5 pm in Italian and English . On booking the Pro Loco also organizes guided tours at other times. For information: Ticket: full € 4,00; Reduced € 2,00 (adults over 65 and boys aged 8 to 18, schoolchildren and groups over 12); Complimentary for children up to 7 years old
Address: Civic Museum of Castelbuono, Castello - Castelbuono (PA), Italy
Phone: 0921-671211

SCARABEO CAMPING - Santa Croce Camerina (RG)
Contrada Punta Braccetto
- 10% discount on the campsite price list except in August
- 10% discount on the list of mobile homes / caravans / bungalows, cottages / mini-apartments / studios -rangles for the month of August.
- 10% discount on catering services and additional services offered.

The IBI School - Palermo (PA)
Via Littore Ragusa 15
10% discount on the amount of the line (annual / quarterly / monthly) 10% discount on the monthly allowance for the after-school;
10% discount on the monthly share of Summer Time 10% discount on birthday parties.

  ENI Service Station - Palermo (PA)
Piazza Leoni n.11 - 15% discount on lubricants and accessories.

  The Enchanted World - Palermo (PA)
Via Sciuti n. 102 / f
- 10% discount on entry fee;
- 10% discount on the monthly fee for the first six months;
- 10% discount on the registration fee on labs, music lessons, dance and small chef.
- 10% discount on birthday parties (on holiday total).

I want Asylum - Bagheria (PA)
Via Marco Tullio Cicerone n. 19
- 15% discount on the entry fee;
- 5% discount on the monthly fee on the first subscriber;
- 10% discount on the second member;
- 5% discount on the monthly fee of the school; - 5% discount
on Summer Time.

  Resting House - The Transfiguration - Bagheria (PA)
Vicinale Road Montagnola-serradifalco
- 15% discount on the first six months of the line.

  Fabio Riccobono Photography - Palermo (PA)
Via Rossi n.4
- 15% discount photographic / video service;
- 15% discount live press service for events;
- 15% discount print service photo studio.

The opening of the Camper GRINTO Parking Area, located in Moncalieri at the gates of Turin. The Camper Grinto park area is for lovers of itinerant tourism, the ideal solution for visiting Turin. The village is in the green area lapping the Regional Park Le Vallere within the municipal territory of Moncalieri. Grinto makes it easy to reach Turin by bike, following the green shores of the River Po, by public transport or, why not, by boat. The nearest bus stop is 50 meters from the village entrance and you can reach the subway station. On weekends, Grinto provides a shuttle service that provides convenient access to the city subway. The area, fully video surveillance, has 41 pitches with direct water loading and unloading and current connection, is bordered by noise barriers, provides a dog-friendly area and is covered by a free WiFi service that allows you to surf the internet in complete freedom . Toilet facilities are available with shower. Glamorous inside the village there will also be a restaurant open 7 days a week. Meanwhile, there is already an automated dining area for coffee, drinks and snacks. Promotion (UP TO 31 JULY 2016) Camper up to 7.5 mt. - € 18 per day Camper XL (over 7.5 mt.) - € 22 per day Full Price (FROM 1 AUGUST 2016) Camper up to 7.5 mt. - € 24 per day Camper XL (over 7.5 mt.) - € 28 per day OUR RATES ARE ABOVE, RELATING TO THE EMPLOYMENT OF THE CAMPER'S POOL AND ARE CONSUMABLE AND SERVICE (LOAD / DROP WATER - ELECTRICITY), EQUIPMENT, INCLUDES INCLUDING ANY POSSIBILITY OF ANIMAL HOMES AT FOLLOWING THE CAMPERIST. FOR MORE INFORMATION GRINTO URBAN ECO VILLAGE Corso Trieste, 60 - 10024 Moncalieri (TO) Tel. 011.0133510 | [1] / facebook / twitter / pinterest We will be happy to meet you and we will be available for any further inquiry! Carla and Myriam Mobile. 335.228235

Opening of the camper park the nook at Gioia Tauro RC 900 mt from the motorway junction on the flat road equipped for camping tents and caravans free download self-cleaning free electricity in every pitch ig igo. Free hot showers area barbeque bar area relaxation area with free ground pool free of charge gas cylinders gas shuttle to the sea fenced gated guarded h24 central area all services as bank supermarket pharmacy tobacconists and various stores are within walking distance. Last stop before embarking for and from Sicily. Open all year long even at night. I invite you to visit

  SHIP IS JUST FAST FROM MORE CRANES IN MOTORBOATS   The LARGE CRANE PONZA and PALMAROLA long-lasting to visit these two wonders this day