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- 5% discount on household appliances;
- 3% discount on electronic products;
- 10% discount on gift items.
From these conditions, all items in the flyer and in promotion at the time of purchase are excluded.

GRIMALDI LINES - Compagnia di Navigazione - Napoli (NA)

Via Marchese Capodisola n. 13

- 10% discount on Grimaldi Lines maritime connections to Spain, Greece, Sardinia, Sicily and Tunisia, the Hotel on board formula in Barcelona and the Nave + Hotel Grimaldi Lines Tour Operator packages (to be combined with current offers and with resident and native);

ATTENTION: During the booking and boarding phase, it is; required, as proof, the membership card "RUN CARD" in course of validity.
Passengers without a valid card will be required to pay the difference in the amount.

Associates can book:
• On the website by entering the discount code SICYRN18.
• By contacting the Grimaldi Lines Call Center on 081496444 indicating the agreement and discount code.
• By sending an email to indicating the agreement and discount code.
• At the Grimaldi Tours points of sale, indicating the agreement and discount code
o Palermo, via Emerico Amari, 8 (exclusively from Monday to Friday from 09.00 to 13.00 and from 14.00 to 17.00)
or Naples, via Marchese Campodisola, 13
or Rome, via Rasella 157
or Cagliari, Via della Maddalena 3
NB: for Sardinian and Sicilian residents and natives who wish to combine the agreement with the resident rates, they can make a reservation: by contacting the Grimaldi Lines Call center, send an email to or go to the Grimaldi Tours points of sale indicated and at the specified times.
Attention: It is not; It is possible to buy the ticket online by combining the agreement with the
resident rate - SHIP + HOTEL booking (dynamic online booking on
- Booking only HOTEL (online booking on
- Booking HOLIDAY PACKAGES (currently by phone / email and in a few weeks, I hope, booking online at
On the website & egrave; It is also possible to purchase only the sea passage with applicability; of the related discount codes. In this way there will be & agrave; single screen and multiple choice. The function of book ship only is; directly connected to the online booking section of

TERMS AND CONDITIONS The discount is; combinable with any offers active at the time of booking unless otherwise expressed in the relevant conditions of applicability available on the website
The discount is; cumulative with resident and native rates, it applies to both standard and special rate levels and with other agreements.
The discount applies to ship passage fees, accommodation supplement and accompanying vehicle. It does not apply to fixed rights, travel insurance, meals and on-board services.
The discount applies to the member, family members and companions only when traveling together with the member (same booking). The discount is not; retroactive and must be requested at the time of booking.
Promotion valid for bookings made before 31/01/2023 on departures available at the time of purchase.
ATTENTION: for group departures (at least 14 people) if you book through our secretariat (call +393473315765) & egrave; you can get bigger discounts.
GRIMALDI LINES & egrave; a shipping company leader in passenger transport on the Mediterranean motorways. Our ships and ferries are of the new generation, fast and with high comfort.
Book online and travel with us to Spain, Tunisia, Greece, Sardinia and Sicily: you will discover all the convenience of our special offers and spend unforgettable moments of fun.
Get on board, your holiday is waiting for you!

Teatro Massimo - Palermo (PA)

Piazza Verdi

- Application of reduced rates reserved for cral and affiliated associations.

Agenzie generali Vittoria Assicurazioni e DAS di Palermo e Trapani - Palermo - Trapani (PA - TP)

Via Ricasoli n.59 - PA -- Via G. B. Fardella 297 - TP

- Project MIX AUTO + RE / VITA (insurance package that provides discounts from 20% to 30% of RC Car / Truck by entering into an insurance Auto / Truck Insurance + Personal or Business Administration, with a minimum annual premium of € 150 Euros;
- Discount of 25% to 50% on policies injury and / or illness;
- Application of national tariff CAMPERISTI;
- Bill of legal defense "DAS" (eg Legal Defense family - maximum € 25,000, Acts of voluntary jurisdiction; tax Defense - Defense dwelling household - Privacy and report);
- Personalized advice on pension policies.

TINDARI RESORT - MARINA BEACH - Portorosa - Furnari (ME)

Via Prestipalo 27

- 15% discount on the rates of the location of the studios;
- 10% discount on rates "well-being";
- 15% discount on restaurant and bar;
- 15% discount on club card services (pool and beach).

HOTEL COSTA AZUL - Balestrate (PA)

Contrada forgia

- 25% discount on the price list in effect on the rental of rooms, suites, mini-apartments;
- 6% discount on rates in effect on the food.


Via Tommaso Natale n. 177

- 40% discount on admission (discounted ticket cost EUR 4); - 20% discount on subscriptions and on festivals (discounted subscription price EUR 12).


Via Ammiraglio Rizzo n. 13

- 40% discount on tickets (discounted tickets Euro 4); - 20% discount on tickets for festivals (discounted subscription 12 euros).

TEATRO AL MASSIMO - Stabile Privato di Palermo - Palermo (PA)

Piazza Verdi n. 9

- Discounts cral as poster in force;
- The discount if provided for each event.


Via Pietro Novelli n. 3

- Entrance ticket 2,00 Euro agreement (if the entrance fee)
- Discount rates of 10% use spaces x events
- Discount on services offered and bookshop 10%.